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My name is Julie S. Lalonde and I was stalked for over a decade.

Even though I was an award winning women’s rights advocate, it wasn’t safe for me to tell my story.

Then my abuser died.

I broke my silence and took the social justice movement to task for ignoring criminal harassment. We talk about sexual violence. We talk about intimate partner violence. Why don’t we talk about stalking?

I was tired of waiting for people to do it. I was tired of screaming into the void.

So, I created this project.

Thanks to the generosity of 87 individual donors, I was able to partner with the incredible artist Ambivalently Yours to create a PSA with practical advice for victims and their allies.

The hope is that this project will expand and become a clearinghouse of information on criminal harassment in Canada with practical tips and resources.


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Want to find out more about this project? Do you have relevant resources for me to include? Want to book a lecture or workshop? Are you needing a listening ear? Get in touch.

I’m so sorry, but I am not able to provide individual advocacy. This is a volunteer project and I don’t have the capacity. 


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